Walks & Hiking Trails

Maligne Canyon

This is a lovely walk filled with canyons, falls, gorges, and bridges along an easy interpretive trail. There are six bridges in total (1 hr one way) most walk to the 2nd bridge (15min). Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy this classic walk.
Start: Maligne Canyon Gift Shop and Restaurant.

Signal Mountain

This unused old fire watch road goes up for about 7 miles. Fantastic views of the Athabasca River valley, the Miette River valley and the town of Jasper.
Start at the parking lot near the lookout over Maligne Canyon.

Edith Cavell Meadows

Trailhead is approx 28km from Jasper, mostly on a very rough winding road.
Craggy, lush, wildflowers and great views of lakes and the Angel Glacier. Cavell Meadows interpretive trail is a 1.8km circuit with views of Angel Glacier and its moraine lake. Or try the full Edith Cavell Meadows trail (8.5km 3-6hrs).

Lac Beauvert

Take your time and stroll around this small gorgeous green lake. The walk starts at the Jasper Park Lodge Hotel (10min drive from Jasper) and circles around the lake passing by the hotel cabins and the golf course. Enjoy the many benches and a nice refreshment in the hotel lobby lounge.

Lake Annette

Scenic lakeshore walk, picnic benches, beach and local hangout. Great for family fun near the water. 2.4km circuit.
Take highway 16 towards Edmonton, turn off at Maligne Lake Rd across the Athabasca river and make your first right towards Jasper Park Lodge.

Whistler’s Mountain

Steep but rewarding, winds uphill through marmot habitat. Treat yourself to the Tram down. 8.3km (4-6hrs)
Trailhead is off Whislters Rd and left just after the Whistler’s Hostel sign. The main road takes you 3 kilometers to the start of the trail.